Skye Schmidt is a photographer and dancer hailing from Southern California. Her photography mentors include Rose Eichenbaum, David Friedman, and James Doyle. Skye has trained in dance with Southland Ballet Academy, Houston Ballet Academy, BodyTraffic, Salwa Rizkalla, Lillian Barbeito, Alex Ketley, and David Maurice. She earned her BFA degree in Dance Performance from University of California, Irvine.

Skye currently serves as Director of Operations at HAVEN Global Sanctuary for Dance and Creative Director + Social Media Manager at Fire Leaf Extracts. Her photography clients include The Music Center, Irvine Barclay Theatre, Laguna Dance Festival, Dawson Cole Fine Art Gallery for Richard MacDonald, Veggie Grill, Locca Bubble Tea, and more.

Skye is represented by Go2Talent and has performed professionally for American Ballet Theatre, Florence + The Machine, Festival Ballet Theatre, and National Choreographers Initiative. She looks forward to future performances with Ballare Carmel and additional dance troupes.